About Us

Empiridence® Seminars provides orthopedic, sports and manual therapy continuing education courses with value placed on empirical knowledge and application of current best evidence enhanced practice from rehabilitation research as well as physician and surgeon based literature.

Physical therapist Karl Kolbeck, a practicing clinician since 1991 and teaching orthopedic, sports and manual therapy courses since 2001, founded Empiridence® Seminars as an avenue to share his clinical expertise and aspiration to teach management of the shoulder girdle. His courses provide a distinct clinically reasoned approach of the shoulder and the intimate relationship between it and the cervical and thoracic spine and upper costal region.

Instructors teaching courses with Empiridence® Seminars are clinical specialists, possess advanced certification and competencies in their area of expertise as well as remain active in evidence enhanced clinical practice, and are involved with education at the clinical, collegiate and continuing education levels.

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