Running Course: Biomechanics, Analysis, Rehabilitation & Training

Course Instructor

Matthew Walsh, BScPT, Level III SCT

  • Level III Sports Certified Therapist (Australia)
  • PhD Candidiate - Charles Sturt University

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Course Description

Mr. Walsh has taught this 2-day course internationally for over 18 years. Through didactic lessons, discussion, demonstration and practical sessions this 2-day course provides extensive anatomical and biomechanical review of the foot and ankle including lab based observation and video. Common faults in training programs as well as shoe and barefoot analysis and proper shoe prescription are discussed. Injuries and principles of rehabilitation, training techniques and correct form specific to the various running styles are also discussed.


  • ​​Define and discuss the biomechanics of the lower quadrant as it pertains to traditional, minimalist and barefoot running
  • State and demonstrate the differences between the biomechanics of gait and running
  • Discuss the concepts of training, mileage, duration & intensity for a running client
  • Prescribe an appropriate running shoe with reference to body type, foot shape, running mechanics and style, and running history
  • Perform a complete running analysis to determine normal and abnormal biomechanics
  • Implement specific treatment techniques for injuries related to different running styles
  • Choose appropriate drills in movement re-education for a specific running dysfunction
  • Evaluate multi-segmental dysfunctions & demonstrate through example their interrelatedness in the running cycle


Mr. Walsh is a great clinical instructor and professional. Loved the dynamic teaching method and lab portion. Renee James, PT

Matt’s presentation is clear and he adapted nicely to the needs of the group

Instructor provides frequent hands-on opportunities

Very good case studies and problem solving

Loved the linking strategies…very good – I have difficulty seeing running deviations but slides, still photos were beneficial

Course offered a new way of looking at running drills and provided better understanding of muscle activation during gait/running

Practical adaptations…great course

Instructor is down to earth, knowledgeable, to the point

Case studies/problem solving and lab/practical were great!