Empiridence Seminars Videos

Check us out at our YouTube business site!!

Empiridence Seminars has set up a YouTube business site and we are steadily importing video vignettes covering examination and treatment techniques, therapeutic exercise, performance analysis and animated as well as real-time surgical videos to support our course material.

These vignettes are presently open access and there is no need to join or subscribe to our channel. However, we do predict that as certain treatment technique videos (i.e. spinal manipulative thrust techniques) are included on our site, access will have to be restricted and by approval only. We are in the process of working out those details with YouTube and hope to maintain an open access status for most videos and be able to limit only those which apply to techniques that we feel it is imperative that attendance to the Empiridence Seminars respective course has been completed.

Below is a sample of what is available on our YouTube site.

  • Arthroscopic Type II SLAP Lesion repair

    2-anchor arthroscopic Type II SLAP lesion repair

  • Manual Rhythmic Stabilization

    Manual rhythmic stabilization - later stages - completed in the compromised position

  • UE Closed Chain Wall-Ball Scours w/ Manual Rhythmic Stabilization

    Closed chain UE wall ball scours in scaption plane with added manual rhythmic stabilization

  • Prone Plyometric Ball-drops

    Advanced level scapula stabilization and posterior rotator cuff eccentric loading exercise.

  • Type I (ala Dr B Kibler) Scapula Dyskinesia - prior to SLAP repair

    Type I scapula dyskinesia in patient with Type II SLAP lesion, pre-surgical

  • Type I (ala Dr B Kibler) Scapula Dyskinesia - post-op SLAP repair

    Type I scapula dyskinesia in patient with Type II SLAP lesion, 13 weeks post-surgical SLAP repair